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Ingested Toxins

As we all know, our woofers will eat just about anything and that can get them into some serious trouble if they eat the wrong thing! I'm not talking about mild stomach upsets but rather what to do when your dog ingests something TOXIC.

⚠️Do you know what to do?

A few years ago someone I know was at a dinner party where a very large dog ate a whole tray of butter tarts. Unfortunately nobody there knew that raisins were toxic to dogs and no medical care was given and the dog sadly passed away during the night. Had someone been trained in canine first aid and was able to induce vomiting right away, the story may have very well had a better ending.

There are times when you can induce vomiting and times when you absolutely shouldn't!

NEVER induce Vomiting if your dog has eaten something that is acidic, alkali or petroleum based such as

🚫Dishwasher or Clothing Pods


🚫Drain cleaners

🚫Oven cleaners

🚫Paint thinner


🚫Household cleaners

As these substances can do MORE harm as they are brought back up - seek immediate Veterinary care.

There are times when you CAN induce vomiting (when the substance is not acidic, alkali or petroleum based) when the dog eats things like






⚠️Xylitol (sugar free gum)

⚠️Macadamia Nuts

⚠️Drinks with Alcohol or Caffeine

⚠️Raw yeast dough

⚠️Halloween Candy

You may proceed with inducing vomiting IF

✅The substance was infact toxic

✅Was consumed less than an hour ago (if more than 1-2 hours inducing vomiting is not effective, seek Veterinary care)

✅Your dog is not showing signs of the poisoning yet

✅Your dog is otherwise healthy

✅You have 3% non expired hydrogen peroxide (use this type ONLY)

✅You've called your trusted Vet team and let them know the situation

If you've checked off all of the above you can induce vomiting by giving them .5-1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every pound of body weight. So if your dog is 50lbs, you can give 25-50mls orally with a syringe.

Only give the hydrogen peroxide once. Too much can result in bloody uncontrolled vomiting and becomes a whole separate issue!

Allow them to walk around, ideally outside, and let them get it all out of there system. Do not offer food but always have fresh water available for them.

If on hand, give Activated Charcoal by mouth with water afterwards to absorb any remaining toxins in their system.

*If you find your dog unconscious and you need to give CPR but do not know what they ingested - DO NOT put your mouth directly on their nose/face as they may have ingested something that may hurt you as well. Use a ziplock bag with nose holes or something similar if CPR is needed on the way to the Vet.

*Even if your dog seems fine afterwards, still contact your Veterinarian to let them know of the situation and for any suggestions they may have to follow at home while monitoring closely.

If you are unsure if what your dog has eaten is toxic or not, call your emergency Vet line or call the Pet Poison Hotline at (855) 764-7661.

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