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About The Human

My name is Chayse and I currently live in Kamloops, BC (Canada) with my husband Ross, daughter Everleigh and our three dogs, Marley, Ripley & Stevie (we sadly lost our beautiful boy, Mayson, in July of 2022)

I grew up here in the Okanagan of British Columbia where I enjoyed hiking the mountains with my dogs and managed a busy dog daycare and boarding facility where I obtained my dog trainer certification (ABCDT). We relocated in 2018 to Alberta to better a job opportunity for Ross but recently came back home to raise our daughter around family. 

After a long and defeating journey with my retriever (Mayson) on multiple diets, steroids and antibiotics, I found a passion in Canine Nutrition. I started studying nutrition in 2014 and it changed both my perception of what dogs need nutritionally and changed Mayson’s (and eventually my other dogs) life in more ways than I can really express. This lead to me obtaining my certification in canine nutrition (Cert.CN) and since then have coached many pet owners on how to improve their dog’s health with a balanced diet, whatever type of diet that may be that works for you and your dog.

As we headed into the start of 2020, my dogs were inevitably heading into the senior years and as all dogs do, started to slow down and require some life style adjustments. I have always utilized a balance of traditional and holistic methods of keeping my dogs comfortable and in optimal shape with chiropractic adjustments, acupressure and acupuncture which lead me down the path of canine massage. Again, something I started as a means to relieve my own dogs discomfort turned into a huge passion and I once again was able to expand my wellness services to include canine massage. In 2021, I received my Canine Myo-manipulative Functional Therapist certification.

When you book with me, we look at your dog as an entire picture. We discuss all pillars of health, Veterinary care, Exercise/Play, Nutrition AND Mental health, which is just as important for our dogs as it is for us. Your dog cannot thrive if we do not ensure balance in all the aspects of care that they deserve and need. When discussing behaviour we focus on understanding our dog on their level and provide you the skills, tools and guidance you both need for better communication and building the strongest relationship possible. When discussing whole body wellness, we focus on what type of diet and lifestyle best suits you and your dog - I am inclusive of all diets and coach owners on ways to maximize that diet for the healthiest and longest life possible! 

I am currently certified as a First Aid Instructor through Canine Health Canada and teach seminars around the Kamloops BC and Okanagan area. After losing my own dog to a cardiac emergency, I want to honor him by teaching owners how to prepare for the unexpected as I went through.

I am a safe space for owners to talk about their ideas, questions and what they have tried or what they want to try without ridicule and judgement and strongly believe education is our biggest strength when it comes to coexisting with our dogs.

I want YOU and YOUR dog to live the best and healthiest life as a team TOGETHER. Let’s make it happen!

“There is no shame in lacking knowledge. Only in refusal to learn.”


Courses and Certifications

Dog Trainer's Seminar - September 2022

Doggett Style Dog Training (Evan Doggett)

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Canine First Aid Emergency and CPR Instructor (CHCI)

Canine Health Canada

Canine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy (CMFT)

Angel's Holistic Animal Studies


Canine Massage Therapy Theory and Techniques (CMP)

Holistic Touch Therapy

Certificate in Canine Nutrition (Cert.CN)

Companion Animal Science Institute

Dog Training (ABCDT)

Minor: Canine Nutrition

Animal Behavior College 

About The Reasons Why



Marley is our feisty girl and we joke that she is part mountain goat. She is an Australian Shepherd/Labrador mix and has endless energy all the time! She was my first dog I owned myself and I got her from a stand on the side of the road when I was only 18 on the day before I started my Veterinary course. She was born on July/12/2012 and has been a daily challenge since the day she came home (in the best way possible)! She is my heart and soul dog and is the reason behind my drive to learn more about dog behaviour. She has opened up my world to so many different training techniques and pushes me out of my comfort zones and for that I am forever thankful.


Mayson is our lover boy and a continuous spreader of joy to everyone he meets! He came into my life when he was only 3 weeks old at the clinic I worked at in 2013. He came into our lives at a crazy time and changed everything for the better. He is a pure bred Golden Retriever and was born on Christmas Eve 2013. Mayson became a certified therapy dog with Saint John's Ambulance and spent lots of time spreading love and happiness to senior homes and children's clinics in British Columbia. He was born without eyes, has scoliosis and hip dysplasia and unfortunately was recently diagnosed with severe mitral valve disease - this is what lead me down the road of holistic care and nutrition (Please see "our story" on the blog for more on this) and keeping him healthy, happy and comfortable is a huge drive in furthering my education.

Every minute he is here is a gift to us!

Mayson passed away on July 22, 2022. 

Rest in Peace my Schmoobear, you taught me so much and we will miss your smile and contagious energy every day for the rest of our lives.



Ripley found his way to us after a trauma experience after his loving owner passed away. I had always wanted a Saint Bernard and instantly knew I was in love. We drove that weekend to meet him and brought him for a sleepover and he never left! Ripley is a Saint Bernard/German Shepherd X, born May 5, 2015 and suffers from SARDS (sudden acquired retinal detachment syndrome) and is also completely blind. We do not know if he was born this way or when the blindness happened, but he gets around as though he has been this way his whole life. He is the biggest momma's boy and it's hard to picture life without him now! 

Stevie (Steven)

Stevie came to us as an emergency foster from SCARS (Edmonton) Rescue after they found him wandering farm land alone at only 5 weeks old and was obviously in pain from damaged eyes (severe glaucoma in both). They saved him and his eyes had to be removed completely. We officially adopted him in 2021 after he and Ripley became inseparable! He is nothing but pure wild energy and we are thankful that he keeps us laughing every single day!

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