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Wellness Consultations

Includes initial consultation  (in-person available in Kamloops, phone call available otherwise), full history of your dog including mental and physical health, full diet analysis, written plan with herbals, treatments and nutrition/supplement suggestions with on going support for 6 weeks following our consultation.

Available for all dogs of all ages from puppy to senior.

Dog Lover

Myo-manipulative Functional Therapy (Massage and Acupressure)

Initial Assessments and Maintenance massage therapy and acupressure available for dogs in the

Kamloops area.

Great for dogs with joint pain and stiffness, for relaxation and to improve quality of life.

Red Light Therapy

Add-on available during sessions or as stand alone service. Improves circulation, promotes healing, reduces swelling associated with arthritis and injuries and releases endorphins creating natural pain relief.

As of November 2023, I will be operating out of my own space within Roving K9 Kare in Kamloops BC. Please check back for booking information when available! 

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Canine First Aid Course

The most comprehensive course available! Certified through Canine Health Canada.

We teach prevention ‐ like knowing which household plants are toxic to your dog and what people medicines they can NEVER have.


We cover basic nutrition, exercise and dental care needs, we teach you about digestive emergencies and how to deal with them.

We teach you how to handle the scary stuff, like your dog’s heart stops, they have something lodged in their throat and can’t breathe, they've gotten into poison or have had a terrible accident and needs to be stabilized for safe transport to the Vet.

You will learn and practice a number of different hands‐on scenarios ‐ so when an emergency happens muscle memory kicks in and you’ll be able to help your dog in their moment of need.

We do everything with your safety in mind, and you'll take home a 130 page
health and first aid quick reference manual, first aider card and 3 year certification!

Available for businesses and

private groups.

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