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Pet Loss and Grief Support 🤍

Not a full blog post but a short social media post I made which information I think is worthy to share everywhere I can.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 🎄

I know so many of you are dealing with the heaviness of loss over the holidays just like myself. I understand how debilitating this feels and the constant back and forth of happy reminiscing during holiday joy and absolute heartbreak. Today (Dec.24th) would have been Mayson's 10th birthday and it has been very, very difficult to navigate the holiday season especially without him.

Just a reminder that it's okay to hurt, it's okay to make time and space to openly or privately miss and grieve them. It's okay to feel lonely like no one else misses them like you do. It's okay that you are not radiating Christmas joy because things are still just....different without them. It's okay to cry and be sad.

I saw this quote this week and it helped me this year...

For those that need extra support there is a BC grief support free hotline as well as hosts online pet loss support groups for people just like you and I 💛

I will add this direct link below for easy access.

BC Bereavement Helpline

Please share for your friends and family that may need this as well because you never know who is struggling ❤

Go easy on yourself during the hard days that you are absolutely allowed to have, no matter what other happy moments are going on around us.

Through my traumatic loss I feel the new year (and my boys memory) has been calling me towards a new branch of care regarding end of life transitions and dog loss support and I'm looking forward to adding something like this as a service when my office is open in 2024 (Downtown Kamloops BC but will consult virtually as well).


Happy 10th birthday to my boy who I miss an increasingly incredible amount every second of every day. Throw some paws up there today bubba! 💛


Happy Holidays to everyone

from myself, Steven, Marley and Ripley

(plus the wild little human)

Steven (2), Marley (11) and Ripley (9) Christmas 2024 🎄

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