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Heat Stroke 🥵 - Signs & What to do!

Unlike us humans, dogs do not have the ability to sweat in order to cool themselves down (however they can slightly sweat from the glands in their paw pads) and rely on panting in order to expel excess heat.

It's our job as owners to be on top of signs of heat stroke, or hyperthermia, in our dogs when being active in the sun and high temperatures. Here in BC our summers can reach upwards of 35C+ and during these times you need to be extra cautious of this condition as it can be fatal if not treated properly.

The STARTING signs of Heat Stroke include (start cooling your dog immediately)

🔥Excessive panting with stressed expression

🔥Excessive drooling

🔥Gums (mucous membranes) are bright red

🔥Increased heart rate

Secondary signs as it progresses include (seek Veterinary help immediately)


🔥Rectal Temperature above 40.6C (105F)


🔥White/Pale gums (indicator of going into or being in shock)

🔥Vomiting and/or Diarrhea

And the final stages of heat stroke if left untreated are coma and stopping breathing (begin CPR and transport to Vet immediately)


1. Move your dog into a shaded area or more ideal and air conditioned home or vehicle.

2. Place your dog in a cool tub of water or run cool water over him. Use the hose if you are outside. DO NOT use ice water.

3. Apply a cool source (frozen vegetables or an ice pack) on your dog's heat to lower heat in their brain.

4. Do not limit drinking water. Encourage your dog to drink cool (again not icy) water.

5. Gently massage their limbs in order to help circulation and minimize effects of shock.

6. Take their temperature every 5 minutes. If it is not going down as you try cooling methods, immediately get them to a Vet.

7. If cooling methods are working and the rectal temperature is going down, monitor closely for the next 24hrs. Ensure your dog is staying adequately hydrated!

*Checking their temperature every 5 minutes is crucial to ensure 1) your methods are working and 2) to ensure you do not send them into HYPOthermia from being in cold water for too long etc

❤️‍🩹 Stay safe and cool out there friends!

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