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Administering Eye Drops

Eye medications are one of those things you hope you never have to give but chances are at some point in your dog's life, you'll have to use them.

For most dogs, this can be a challenge. Understandably, they are concerned about something coming near their eyes and it's our job to help things be as stress free as possible. This is a skill you can train ahead of time just in case, with sterile saline drops.

Training comes in baby steps (as always) and would go as following:

Step 1: show dog the bottle - mark and reward

Step 2: move bottle towards face - mark and reward

Step 3: position dogs head in place and lift eye lid - mark and reward

Step 4: position dogs head in place, life eye lid and hold open bottle over - mark and reward

Step 5: administer drop - mark and reward

How fast these steps go are completely up to your dog. It's important to prepare ahead of time, and I know alot of you are probably thinking "yeah right" but consider the fact that if your dog is prescribed eye drops and is in discomfort, you don't have days or weeks to work up to giving them. If you train for this ahead of time it will be much easier on your dog when and if the time comes to actually need the drops!

When it comes time to administer the drops:

💧 Stay calm. Your dog will match your energy and if you feel yourself getting frustrated, try again later. Always end on a good note.

💧 Have your dog's favorite rewards at the ready, this is a quick process and you want to be able to mark and reward fast. Give your dog praise throughout.

💧 Move your dog's head gently into position.

💧 Gently lift the eye lid and administer your drops.

💧 Close the eye for a few seconds and gently rub the area.

💧 Release and Reward your dog! Always make this as positive of an experience as possible and end on a good note!

I hope these tips help you and your dog have a less stressful time handling during medications 😊

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